Staccato Ignis Porting System®

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Ignis Porting System® exclusively and only available on the Staccato 2011 Staccato P/C2/C/XL and Tac 4.0 (All Year Variants).

This is for the Porting only and does not include the same package deal price as show here.


Does work with factory springs? Yes. Please use the white spring included with your original factory gun. We are looking into running lighter springs and will update the page when we find the right match.

Can I port my other STI/Staccato 2011 with the Ignis Porting System®? We are only offering the Ignis Porting Systems® on the following Staccato Models; P, C/C2, XL and Tac 4.0

Can I keep my factory finish on the slide? At this time no. We have to re-coat the exposed area on the slide. We only coat the outside of the slide and tape off the inside.

What types of ammo will it cycle? During testing, we ran 90% of the most commonly available range/defense ammo without issue.

What drop in velocity will I see? During testing, we saw on anywhere from 40fps to 80fps drop between a common variety of range and defense ammo.

Does this void my factory warranty? Yes it does.

Do you have any videos or reviews of your porting? Yes we do! Please see our "Media" page located here.

4 Reviews
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    Porting +

    Published by Jason on May 6th 2024

    Staccato P…ported, refinished slide, flat trigger / tune & stipple. The pistol feels and handles in a more refined maner with ~30% to 40% less felt recoil. Excellent quality work, nice job!

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    Ignis ports

    Published by Anthony Weikle on Mar 25th 2024

    Phenomenal work. Clean across the board. 0 tooling marks. Just top tier. Wait. What’re you still doing here ? ADD IT TO CART THANKS ME LATER

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    Ignis Port

    Published by Cory Williams on Mar 24th 2024

    I have slowly but surely turned into a gun collector. I usually try to outfit everything I own for a duty function but after so many it gets ridiculous. That being said back in December I took the leap and decided to get my Staccato P ported as well as a few other minor upgrades such as the flat trigger and cerakoted small parts and DLC slide. During my wait I decided to also purchase the Staccato XC. Crazy right! I don’t know what my motivation was I guess I assumed no matter what Vulcan couldn’t be better then a comp straight from the factory right? Yea I’m here to let you all know I WAS WRONG. Don’t get me wrong the XC is beautiful and shoots flat but the Ignis Port wins out for me and it’s a noticeable difference! If I had to explain it it feels like the XC turns that 9mm into a .380 but the Ignis Port turns it into a .22. These guys did an amazing job and the performance of the upgrade shined the brightest! If you guys are thinking about it don’t. Trust me if it’s about performance the Ignis Port will be more than enough. With my upgrades my P still comes in about 1k less than the factory XC. I’m so impressed with the performance that I hope when I call them Monday they say yes to Ignis Porting my Glock and my Staccato CS lol. Yea I went a little staccato crazy but when you have machine shops like Vulcan who can take your Staccato and turn it into whatever you want it makes it easier to purchase lol. Hands down the guys and gals at Vulcan did an amazing job and I hope to be sending them more of my firearms in the near future!!!

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    Published by W. Brown on Feb 14th 2024

    Vulcan Ignis ports are amazing. Muzzle rise is reduced to zero. The improvement is significant even on a gun that shoots as well as a Staccato in stock configuration. Highly recommended. VMW customer service is peerless. They are always willing to help and go to great lengths to ensure the final product is correct.

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