Staccato Trigger Job

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Our Trigger Jobs round out your custom build. We offer Red Dirt USA Flat Face (F3 in Legnth) in Black, Red, Blue and Gold. You can also opt for just the trigger install/fitting as well suppling your own trigger to be fit. Just select what you're after and we'll take it from there.


Trigger Tuning inclides the following:

  • Trigger Shoe Fitting to Grip
  • Primary/Secondary Sear Profiling
  • Sear Spring Tuning
  • Trigger Over Travel Adjustment
  • Requested Trigger Pull Weight as low as 3lbs*



*Due to liablility reasons we only tune the trigger down to 3lbs. If you're looking for anything lower than that we'd be happy to refer you out to another place that can handle that. Please also be aware that any trigger you provide outside of what we offer MUST have the correct bow length to fit a staccato grip or grip you're providing. Falure to do so will render your firearm useless.

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