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If you are a member of a police department or federal agency looking to have your current or future inventory of sidearms direct milled for optics, you have certainly come to the right place. We have the largest ratio of optics cuts to slide Manufacturers on the market. We work directly with Manufacturers of not only optics but, firearms as well to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability in the industry. Whether your department or agency is large or small, we can ensure any volume of order is custom tailored to your departmental policies/needs and allow us to give you the best turnaround times in the industry.


Optic Sales


Are you looking to outfit your department with pistol or rifle mounted optics (or combination of both)? From an order of a singular optic to large departmental orders, we can handle it all. We are factory direct with many top brands on the market today, such as:








Department Package Deals / First Responder Discounts


We offer a first responder and/or military discount of 10% on our services with verified credentials though VerifyPass, though some restrictions apply. We offer package deals for individual officers such as our Blue Cut listed here. We can, and will, offer department / agency bulk level pricing on optic cutting packages.

Looking for something more tailored or nuanced to your departmental needs? We can build a package for your specific department or agency, including unique department identifiers on equipment. Our in-house state of the art marking system can mark your department logo on such things as firearms, rifles, magazines, and much more. Our system allows us to offer this service to individual officers or full departments, depending upon your needs.



MOS Style (Plate Systems) vs Direct Milling


Numerous firearms companies offer factory optics ready firearm slides which use varied and often dubious adapter plate systems. Although these systems are conveniently available from the factory and can allow agencies the freedom to select from and install a wide variety of optics on the slide, they often have inherent structural or mounting hardware weaknesses which can result in catastrophic failures in application or use. The most often seen catastrophic failure of ‘modifiable plate systems’ relates to the weakness of factory supplied mounting hardware. The most predominant weakness is often seen in mounting screws being sheared by the reciprocal force of repeated/accelerated firing schedules of law enforcement. Another often seen failure of mounting hardware relates to over-tensioning of screws and/or their repeated installation (or recycling use). Recycling hardware often results in work hardening of the metal and its eventual shear. We, at VMW, have been presented with this problem so often by individual civilians and law enforcement officers, we designed our own mounting hardware capable of taking the abuse of accelerated firing schedules and daily carry. We have also noticed the fact that factory supplied hardware is exceedingly prone to stripping through repeated applications and frequent overtightening, so we modified our hardware accordingly to prevent this as much as possible.


To correct for the inherent weaknesses of factory mounting plates, VMW directly mills your chosen optic to the slide using a method called ‘Cradle Cutting’. This mounting process is not only the most effective option, but also the strongest. Cradle Cutting (direct milling to correct depths) completely supports the optic within the existing material of the slide, and allows us to get the optic lower in the slide (much closer to the bore axis) than all factory supplied optics on the market.This makes the sight easier to find and much faster to pick up when every shot is absolutely critical. Combined with our ability to design and control the size, depth, and geometry of the optics cut, we can guarantee your duty firearm will meet and exceed most physical stresses placed on it from everyday carry to extreme duty use and accelerated firing schedules. With our custom mounting hardware and cradle cut, your optic of choice will have the absolute strongest mounting solution on the firearms market today.


Our Guarantee

Vulcan Machine Werks, Inc. guarantees our optics cut work to be 100% free of flaws and/or defects. If any
firearm goes down in the due course of duty as a direct cause of our optic cut(s), we will warranty said firearm free of
charge. This warranty includes up to total replacement of the aforementioned firearms and performance of any/all
previously completed work.



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