Ignis Porting System® - Springfield Prodigy DS 4.25"

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Introducing our Ignis Porting System® for the Springfield Prodigy DS 4.25.

The Ignis Porting System® Package includes porting the factory barrel, slide and an re-coat solid color Cerakote. We will have an option to DLC the barrel as well. See the coating section of the website and add it to your order.


Can I port Springfield Prodigy DS 5" version with the Ignis Porting System®? No, not at this time. Keep an eye on our socials for more details on when/if its going to launch.

Does work with factory springs? Yes.

Can I port my other 2011's with the Ignis Porting System®? We are only offering the Ignis Porting Systems® on the 2011's we have listed on our website.

Can I keep my factory finish on the slide? Yes and no. We have to re-coat the exposed area on the slide. We only coat the outside of the slide and tape off the inside. We can also just coat the are that the porting was done in as well.

What types of ammo will it cycle? During testing, we ran 90% of the most commonly available range/defense ammo without issue.

What drop in velocity will I see? During testing, we saw on anywhere from 40fps to 80fps drop between a common variety of range and defense ammo.

Does this void my factory warranty? Yes it does.

Do you have any videos or reviews of your porting? Yes we do! Please see our "Media" page located here.

**This service does not include chamber chamfer, frame, magwell or barrel coating.**

6 Reviews
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    Ignis porting Prodigy DS 4.25"

    Published by Michael on Jun 26th 2024

    I haven't shot it yet, but it looks great. I had to sand the optic plate area somewhat to get the optic plate(SRO) to fit. But with the cerakote, I guess that should be expected.

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    Ignis port

    Published by DARKNIGHT on May 2nd 2024

    Test fired after getting my prodigy ignis ported. Double taps are night and day. The muzzle flip is next to nothing, gun runs very flat. If you are on the fence about getting this port, just get it done, it's worth it. I compete with this gun in idpa co division and I love it.

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    Published by Jeremey Burns on Nov 10th 2023

    HOT DAMN!!! Boys! It was worth the wait! Got it back on Monday. We’re about 400 rounds in the game and it’s magnificent! I’m Just now about to take it apart, clean and explore the guiderod and spring. But as of now. Magnificent!

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    Published by Nelson collazo on Jul 30th 2023

    Vulcan did a great job on my gun looks very cool and it’s it’s unique in its own way the porting is outstanding and the colors are great great job ? the person who did my gun thank you.

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    Prodigy Porting

    Published by Clay on Jan 28th 2023

    Received my slide and DLC barrell back last week. Took it to the range and ran 500 rounds flawlessly. Porting looks OEM and multicam cerakote is awesome. Thanks for the work!

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    Ignis porting

    Published by Brennen on Dec 28th 2022