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Our optics cuts are precision CNC milled to exacting tolerances to give you industry leading performance. A primary feature of our cradle cutting method is the fact the optic will be tight in the cut and will have extremely little to no ability to move once in place (this is by design). Our cuts will also have precise and consistent recoil bossing (where available) to add strength to the cut. This is to ensure the repeated reciprocal forces from firing are not translated exclusively to the mounting screws. No matter if you are in military/law enforcement community, competition community, or personal defense community, our cuts will ensure your optic survives the harshest of firing schedules. 

***For customers purchasing the C series optic cut in order to use the 509 adaptor plate, the standard cut will not be the correct length. If you want to use the adaptor plates, please specify this intent in your individual order notes. The cut will be cut slightly oversized for ther plate (your C series optic cut will NOT have a tight fit).***

*Optics Not Included*


For Customers getting a 509T Milled, our cut has a relief on the right coner. This is by design. This is not a mistake, nor sloppy machining, its due to the nature of the mounting system. The picture below is a reference of what the cut will look like once complete.

3 Reviews
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    P10C, DLC, 507C

    Published by Curt on May 23rd 2023

    Overall: The work performed met my expectations with regard to quality, and it was completed in the time frame specified. It's pretty nice having a local company that you can visit and take time with in order to make sure you get what you want. Vulcan has always spent time to answer every question I have, and they (specifically, Rami...sorry if I botched the spelling, my guy) have stood behind their work any time I have had a question about the work they performed. (I ask so many questions that it might save Vulcan some time if address some of them on the optic cut description pages or in the FAQ...but it's entirely possible that 90% of people aren't as picky as I am.) Optic Cut: It seems to be a perfectly-cut slide. According to Vulcan, compared to the way this cut fits RMRs (which is a tight fit), the cut is, by design, a little bit loose for Holosun C optics. In my use so far, it has not been any different or worse than using the OEM Optic Plate on Optic Ready P10 models. This is a result of Holosun tolerances, more or less. Coating: The appearance of the DLC is excellent. Whether it's better or worse than Cerakote or melonite is TBD, but it looks like it was done properly. I didn't even notice any marring from reinstalling the iron sights. Mounting: The Holosun mounting screws apparently need to be modified/shortened in order for a 407/507C to be mounted properly. I was able to use a set of unmodified Holosun screws to mount the optic by putting the RMR sealing plate under the 507C. When I realized that I didn't have the proper screws, Vulcan immediately responded that they would modify they ones I have whenever I have time to stop back by. (this was supposed to happen automatically, but I either lost them or was not provided with them at the time)

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    Dealer Pricing

    Published by Dorchester Gun Shop on Mar 16th 2023

    Outside of getting a better rate for Dealers without monthly minimums, you guys did a fantastic job. Thanks.

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    Published by Jordan on May 26th 2022

    I love my CZ alot and its replaced mt HK vp9. all it was missing was the red dot. and now its prefect!! Thanks Guys

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