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This project began in November of 2021 with the idea of doing our spin on the double stack 1911, our way. We wanted to make something unique, something different. This process started with the name. It had to embody the platform while paying homage to the original. We spent a while going back and forth on the title but kept coming back to, “11”. In our own fashion, we couldn’t just roll with the name “11”; we needed to add our spin on it. Enter L33T Speak (a programming/gaming language and nod to the owner’s extensive time in IT), flipping the vowels to numbers you get 3L3V3N. The name is unique, acknowledges the beauty of the original model, and hits the target (literally and figuratively).

  The sleek styling and integrated design features of our slide assembly come from tirelessly researching the offerings/designs of many industry-leading manufacturers and looking for something that hasn’t been done. This process began by looking at the two most prominent design traits for this platform (the heavy chamfer “Tri-Top” and the “Filleted”/conventional rounded top design) and immediately rejecting them in in favor of going in the exact opposite direction. The end user can be assured in the knowledge of our platform being not only structurally strong, but supremely reliable, accurate, and light recoiling as well. We then proceeded to look at the final (subsequently) and biggest issue the end user faces with the high capacity 1911. This problem is the necessity of a mounting plate system for today’s most popular optics. That is why we set about redesigning the slide as pretext to allow for direct mounting the owner's optic of choice. The cradle cut method allows not only a far stronger optics mounting solution, but also allows for a much lower sight axis to the bore. Bucking the industry “norm” we also decided to forego the use of traditional iron-sights in favor of an optics only platform. To shoot the 3L3V3N is to become a believer.


Starting April / May 24' you can purchase the 3L3V3N from one of our 3 Premier Partner's listed below!


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The 3L3V3N Specifications:

  • Modern / Minimalist Design - Major Shift from the Industry Norm.
  • Government Model (5") With Full Length Dust Cover and Rail. 4140 Heat Treated Steel Slide & Frame
  • Diamond Lapped Slide to Frame Fitting

  • DLC'd Slide / Frame / Barrel / Guiderod / Spring Cup / Fire Contols / Hammer
  • 9mm BarSto Match Grade Barrel / Flush Cut / 30 Degree Reverse Crown / Chamber Chamfer With Vulcan Name
  • Patent Pending Ignis Porting System™ (Optional)
  • Direct Mill Optic Cut. No Plates (Dot Gun Only - Select Optic Footprints Available)
  • LSI / Vulcan Collab - 7075 Billet Aluminum Grip (Non-Functioning Grip Safety)
  • Hand Fit Components / EGW / Dawson Precision
  • Internal Right Angled Serrations
  • Marvel Relief Cut
  • Chamfered Edges
  • Tool-Less Guiderod System
  • Red Dirt USA Flat Face Trigger Tuned to 3lbs - 3-1/2lbs
  • Hayes Custom Gunworks / Vulcan Collab Magwell
  • Two 20 Round DLC’d Mags with Matching Gun Metal Gray Vulcan Base Plates (Staccato 2011® Mags)
  • Savior / Vulcan Collab Pistol Case With Custom Patches
  • 8/10/12lbs Recoil Springs (Ported Variant / Ships with 10LBS Spring Installed)
  • 13/14/15lbs Recoil Springs (Non-Ported Variant / Ships with 13LBS Spring Installed)
  • Firearm Weight 41.75oz (without mag)
  • Accepts Most Major Brand Mag's
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in Texas




Tier 1 MSP with the X300 Light

Double Alpha Flex Holster

Standard Co. Suppressor Holster w/X300
T-Rex Arms 320 - Side Car - *Needs Spacer added to Grommet*

Safariland 6360 for Staccato XC - *Modification required for this to work.*

*RDR Gear Coming Soon*


All firearms must ship to a licensed FFL dealer via UPS 2nd Day Air, ZERO Exceptions. For States with magazine restrictions we ship the legal limit mag allowed in that state. Check your state and local laws before ordering. It is your responsibilty to fully understand the laws in your area and to ensure that possession of this item would not violate any applicable state or local laws. Optics NOT Included. NOT FOR SALE IN CA, NY, PUERTO RICO, CANADA OR MEXICO. NOT FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPORTATION. PLEASE READ OUR TERMS AND CONDTIONS BEFORE ORDERING SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND AFTER PURCHASE.