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Our optics cuts are precision CNC milled to exacting tolerances to give you industry leading performance. A primary feature of our cradle cutting method is the fact the optic will be tight in the cut and will have extremely little to no ability to move once in place (this is by design). Our cuts will also have precise and consistent recoil bossing (where available) to add strength to the cut. This is to ensure the repeated reciprocal forces from firing are not translated exclusively to the mounting screws. No matter if you are in military/law enforcement community, competition community, or personal defense community, our cuts will ensure your optic survives the harshest of firing schedules. 

P220/225/226/227/228/229 will have an exposed Safety Block after the optic cut. If we do not have your optic to mount after the work has been completed, you have to insert your Safety Block Spring then mount the optic to hold that assembly in place. P226 Optic Cuts are limited due to the lightening pocket on the underside of the slide. If you're unable to selcet a certian combo of optic and 226, this is why.

***For customers purchasing the C series optic cut in order to use the 509 adaptor plate, the standard cut will not be the correct length. If you want to use the adaptor plates, please specify this intent in your individual order notes. The cut will be cut slightly oversized for ther plate (your C series optic cut will NOT have a tight fit).***

*Optics Not Included*


For Customers getting a 509T Milled, our cut has a relief on the right coner. This is by design. This is not a mistake, nor sloppy machining, its due to the nature of the mounting system. The picture below is a reference of what the cut will look like once complete.

24 Reviews
  • 5

    Holosun cut on P229

    Published by Bob Addy on Jun 2nd 2023

    Good work on my Sig 229 cutting and installing a Holosun optic. I will be sending more of my Sigs for the same job.

  • 5

    Sig P220 507K optic cut

    Published by Alfred L. on Mar 27th 2023

    Great service and work. The optic cut & cerakote are clean and definitely worth getting done.

  • 5

    Sig Sauer Holosun optic

    Published by Michael Crawford on Mar 24th 2023

    Did an amazing job and were able to mount Holosun optics to my P226. Great craftsmanship and very clean work.

  • 5

    Optics Cut

    Published by Lee on Mar 23rd 2023

    I have had two slides milled and refinished by Vulcan Machine Werks. Both came back exactly as I had hoped. If I choose to have another milled, it will go to these guys.

  • 5

    You won't regret it

    Published by Neal on Mar 15th 2023

    Incredible work, Fast turnaround, Would highly recommend!

  • 5

    Optic Cut

    Published by Charles B Fainberg on Feb 24th 2023

    Outstanding work!! Most shops would not do an optic cut on my Sig P226, but Vulcan did it quickly, efficiently and at a good price. Very highly recommended!

  • 5

    P365 perfectly cut and coated.

    Published by Darrell Haynes on Dec 10th 2022

    Recommend highly.

  • 5

    site cutting

    Published by robin d mcdonald on Nov 30th 2022

    i have not shot gun but it looks good

  • 5

    P226/Holosun 407/507K Cut

    Published by Pete K on Nov 13th 2022

    Beautiful work! I could not be happier with the quality of the cut, turnaround time, price, and professionalism.

  • 5

    p320 507 slide cut

    Published by Chad on Oct 7th 2022

    came out better then expected very fast turn around time less then a week

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