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Welcome to the Staccato 2011® Customizer!

The customizer will allow you to mod-out your Staccato with everything that we currently offer. Optic cuts, including direct mill, are NOT availble on Optic Ready (DUO/DPO) Staccatos. This section is for FULL platform mod-outs ONLY.  It's not an interactive page just yet - that is coming in the future. With that, we have 7 different examples of other Staccatos we've done to give you an idea of what is possible.  All of the options here are for Staccatos only. The customizer is setup as an 'à-la-carte' service with the most important parts being the first 4 selections. Please ensure those selections are complete before moving forward. 


  • Everything we do WILL void your Staccato factory warranty.
  • Optic Cuts, including direct mill, are NOT availble on Optic Ready (DUO/DPO) Staccatos.
  • If you are looking to buy individual services, please go to the respective pages of our website. Individual services cannot be purchased here. 
  • The Customizer requires that you send in your Staccato firearm.
  • Firearms/Optics are NOT included in the prices shown on the Customizer.
  • Ignis Porting System is NOT available on threaded barrels.
  • Pattern Cerakote is done by hand, making each pattern is unique. For that reason, exact replications of pattern Cerakote are not possible.   
  • We will NOT match or replicate another company's work.
  • The 'Glock Style Rear Sight Add-On' is only availble on select optics which include:

Trijicon RMRCC

Holosun 509T, Series K/EPS

Steiner MPS

  • The grip packages are priced with blending work to include the blending of the beavertail, fire controls, and frame.
  • If you have a C2/C and you opt for a steel or aluminum grip understand that your grip will be full size and your 16rd mags will not work
  • Our steel and aluminum grips will only work with Gen1 magwells from Dawson. We do sell the magwells should you choose to run one. 
5 Reviews
  • 5

    Staccato C2

    Published by Zachary Scott on Aug 15th 2022

    Not gonna lie probably the nicest pistol I’ve ever shot . Like butter only smoother.

  • 5

    Mini stacc ports

    Published by Calvin on Jul 31st 2022

    Love how the gun shoots, has fun flawless so far!

  • 5

    Stacc Port & DLC

    Published by Anthony on Jul 30th 2022

    Amazing job. Love the DLC job and the fact that it's offered.. Love the Stacc Port, it makes it feel like your cheating ;).

  • 5

    Excellent service

    Published by STEVEN Meyer on Jul 27th 2022

    Gun is beautiful and I am very pleased I would definitely use you guys again on future work

  • 5

    Stacatto P Make Over

    Published by James Labarba on Jul 7th 2022

    Vulcan just overhauled my P and did an awesome job. Here’s the makeover Ported barrel… Was skeptical about the performance of the porting but I can tell you it’s awesome. Shooting flat. Optic cut .. install SRO …flawless job DLC Slide and barrel Chamfer barrel and colored the Vulcan name red RedTrigger 3# Colored the Stacatto Star red Red base plates for magazines So the gun looks awesome the workmanship is first class. And the customer service is awesome. I highly recommend Vulcan !!!