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Ignis Porting System™ - Tac 4.0

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Introducing our Ignis Porting System™ exclusively and only available on the STI Tac 4.0.

The Ignis Porting Package includes porting the factory barrel, slide and an re-coat solid color Cerakote. We will have an option to DLC the barrel as well. See the coating section of the website and add it to your order.


Does work with factory springs? Yes. Please use the white spring included with your original factory gun. We are looking into running lighter springs and will update the page when we find the right match.

Can I port my other STI/Staccato 2011 with the Ignis Porting System™? We are only offering the Ignis Porting Systems on the following; P, C/C2, XL and Tac 4.0

Can I keep my factory finish on the slide? At this time no. We have to re-coat the exposed area on the slide. We only coat the outside of the slide and tape off the inside.

What types of ammo will it cycle? During testing, we ran 90% of the most commonly available range/defense ammo without issue.

What drop in velocity will I see? During testing, we saw on anywhere from 40fps to 80fps drop between a common variety of range and defense ammo.

Does this void my factory warranty? Yes it does.

Do you have any videos or reviews of your porting? Yes we do! Please see our "Media" page located here.

1 Review
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    Stacc Ports Tactical 4.0

    Published by Kilian Conerly on Oct 4th 2022

    Amazing work! The machine work is perfect and the DLC on the slide is flawless. Thank you Vulcan Machine Werks!